Nov 2

It’s Halloween, and it seems like an appropriate time to talk about masks. Everywhere I turn, I am reading or hearing a sermon on masks. We all wear them from time to time. No – I don’t mean the spooky kind from Halloween. I mean the mask that says “I’m great! Thanks for asking,” when you are really hurting inside. Or the mask that says,”I’ve got it all together,” when you are struggling to keep up your balancing act.

We, as Christians, are notorious for never letting our masks down. A Christian has God on their side, so they should never have problems, be tempted, or feel depressed. Right? WRONG! As humans, we are all going to have those feelings. I think it is time we shed our masks. I don’t mean run to the grocery store and tell the cashier you have a bad case of the gout and you are addicted to chocolate when she asks how you are doing. I do mean that we need to get REAL! When we are tempted, call a Christian brother or sister and share with them the temptation and ask for prayer. If you are struggling to keep it together, shout out a four-letter word – HELP!

Okay, I’m going to shed my mask now. I am feeling overwhelmed! God has been so awesome in my life lately. I’ve been telling Amy that I am literally swimming in His goodness. But with blessings comes responsibilities. I have bunches. I am trying to be a good wife and mother, not neglect my friends, continue my jobs at church, and meet writing deadlines! Not to mention, I am a neat freak, so all of this needs to be done with a spotless house! AAAHH! Please pray for me. I need wisdom to know which way to follow Him. I need patience to not lose it when there are dirty dishes in the sink. I need understanding when my husband wants me to watch t.v. instead of write.
I hope you will take off your mask, too. Please let me know how I can pray for you.
I love you all,


p.s. Of course I have to post pictures of my sweeties in their costumes!

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  • Gina Nov 3 at 7:43 pm

    me thinks you and i heard the same sermon a couple of weeks ago. Dale, the kids and i now go to Hebron too. Your imps look adorable by the way.

  • Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) Nov 4 at 1:23 am

    I love this post Carol.

    My friend Angela and I call this “keepin’ it real”. I often wonder what would happen if we all just quit faking it! If we just admitted weakness, struggles, fears, we all have them!

    I’m honored to pray for you, I’m praying that God will show you what needs to be done and what can wait! And by the way, I SOOOO get that, I’m dealing with similar things right now. 🙂

    Anticipating HIM with you

  • jess Nov 6 at 3:48 am

    this is great…i wear masks even though i consider myself transparent…thanks for the challenging thoughts!!


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