Highlights from 2007

Dec 31
Wow!  That is my response to 2007.  God really knocked my socks off this year.  He has done amazing things in my life.  I thought it would be fun to give the highlights to 2007.  Of course, there are too many to show them all, but here are some of the good ones….

1.  FAITH’S NEW BED – Faith turned three in Feb. and graduated to a big girl bed.  This was a big step for Mama, too.  No more babies in the house! Sniff, Sniff.
2.  CINDERELLA VISITS OUR HOUSE – We had a real live Cinderella in our very own home.  One minute she was cleaning the floors – the next she was being transformed by a fairy godmother (who you may recognize as Anna Beth from The Stokes Story).  A transformation right before our very eyes!  Amazing!
3.  EASTER – What’s not to love about Easter?  We hunt candy filled treasure in the yard and celebrate Christ’s Resurrection!  Colin and Faith are smiling after the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Stone Mtn. First Baptist.  Notice Stone Mountain in the background.  
4.  MY FIRST 5K – I ran my first 5K on Memorial Day!  This was a great accomplishment for me.  I have since run two more.  My goal is to run the Peachtree Road Race this year.  This is me after the race. 
5.  MY PARENT’S 40TH ANNIVERSARY – My mom and dad celebrated their 40th anniversary on June 3, 2007.  Their marriage has always been a model for me.  The have respect, love, and loyalty.  But the thing that gives their marriage extra spice is humor!  Thanks Mom and Dad!
6.  SPRINKLER FUN – Running through the sprinkler is a rite of passage into childhood.  I enjoyed watching the kids frolic through sprouts of water.  It might just be possible that I took a gallop through the old water shooter myself (and no there are not any pictures of that!).
7.  FIRST VISIT FROM THE TOOTH FAIRY – Colin lost his first tooth in June before we left on vacation.  We were thankful for that because the tooth fairy might not have found us at Disney World!
8.  DISNEY WORLD!!! – This was the best vacation ever!  We went to Disney this June to celebrate our 10th anniversary.  We went there on our honeymoon, as well.  This time we stayed in the park, and my parents joined us for a few days.  We all had a blast!  
9.  SCARLET IS BORN! – You’ve heard me mention my two best friends, Mary Ann and Allison.  Well, here they are!  Our mothers were friends when they were pregnant with us.  That is how long we’ve known each other.  Allison gave birth to Scarlet in July, and Mary Ann and I got to be in the birthing room!  If you don’t believe in God, just watch the birth of a baby.  It really is a miracle!
10.  OUTLAW APPREHENDED – $100 reward for anyone with information on the whereabouts of one Rowdy Colin “Ants in the Pants” Hatcher.” Ants in the Pants” is the leader of the notorious Hatcher gang… Artful Alan “Quick Draw” Hatcher, Cookin’ Carol “Quick Wit” Hatcher, and Feisty Faith “Sass Mouth” Hatcher. 

11.  PAPA AND NANA’S 60TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY – You don’t find many couples who have celebrated 60 years of marriage.  Alan’s grandparent’s are the sweetest most devoted couple I know.  We had a professional portrait done to commemorate the occasion.  This is our little flock with Alan’s parents, brother, and grandparents.
12.  GLORIETA! – God really showed off for me when He called me to Glorieta.  He asked me to move out of my comfort zone, and I said yes.  He provided me all of the funds to go to the Glorieta Christian Writer’s Conference in New Mexico.  It was my third time flying and only my fourth time to be away from Alan overnight in our ten years of marriage.  This is my partner in crime, Amy.  I wouldn’t have survived the flights without her. 🙂
13.  HARVEST TIME – This year we were able to pick the pumpkins we planted in Papa and Sue Sue’s garden.  It was really neat to get to see them from start to finish.  Riding in the Gator was an added bonus.  
 15.  MATCHING CHRISTMAS CLOTHES – Does that make me really shallow that I absolutely love to have matching clothes for the whole family?  We usually only pull that off once a year at Easter, but this year we got them for Christmas, too.  I loved every minute of it!!  
16.  THE HULA HOOP REVIVAL – Last but not least is the revival of the hip swiveling spherical miracle – it’s the Hula Hoop!  Colin got a Hula Hoop for Christmas.  He is a pro at it already.  Have you tried to Hula Hoop lately?  I have this whole scientific theory as to why it is harder for adults to Hula Hoop, but that’s for another time.  This Hula Hoop revival in my home leads me to the start of a new year.  I, Carol Hatcher, am embarking on a Hula Hoop adventure, swiveling hips and all.  I figure if I can even try to Hula Hoop for 30 minutes a day, I will swivel my hips away.  It’s gotta work.  It’s just gotta!!  Run to Wal-mart and you can join me.  For $4.88, it beats the cost of a gym membership.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  

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  • Allison Jan 1 at 3:20 pm

    What a great list – Thank you for #9.
    Oh, and you left out #14.

  • Carol Jan 1 at 4:16 pm

    Just seeing if you were paying attention! LOL! I couldn’t ever get the picture for #14 to load and I finally left it out and forgot to change the numbers. Whoops!

  • DeAnna Jan 1 at 9:10 pm

    Love all the pictures! You are way too organized with pics and captions for this time-challenged girlfriend!


  • Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) Jan 2 at 5:53 pm

    Loved this walk down memory lane!

    The pictures are great and NO you aren’t shallow to enjoy matching outfits. 🙂


  • The Stokes Family Jan 4 at 4:38 am

    LOVE IT ALL–God is so good!!! And I am so blessed to have experienced a few of those events with you (see the proof in that race picture, lol!). I’m especially fond of that little fairy-godmother–she is SO cute! ;~}


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