Some Great Sacrifice

Feb 12


I’ve been reading through the Old Testament, and I’m in Leviticus. Phew!  It’s a hard book to get through.  I’ve been reading all the rules and regulations for making sacrifices and who needs to make sacrifices and what they need to sacrifice.  
God put Moses’ brother Aaron and his sons in charge of all of that.  He appointed them the priests.  If you take some time to read a little of Leviticus, you’ll see how detailed God was about the sacrifices.  Aaron and his sons had to wash a certain way and then dress a certain way.  They even had to wear certain underwear!!  Then there were very specific rules about what was done with the blood of the offering and how it was to be cooked.  
Certain types of sacrifices were given completely to the Lord – meaning they were burned all the way.  Others were divided among God and Aaron’s family.  Then there were rules about when they could eat what offerings they were given.  Some had to be on the first day, some could be eaten on the second.  But almost all were to be burned on the third day if they weren’t eaten.  
How about the ashes on the alters after the offering was over?  They had to be disposed of on holy ground.  Aaron had to wear one outfit to get the ashes.  Then he was to change his clothes before leaving the tent of the tabernacle and wear another outfit to dispose of them. 
Two of Aaron’s poor sons were trying to make an offering to the Lord and did it the wrong way.  God struck them dead with fire!  This is how serious He was about what was sacrificed to Him.  
I was thinking about how I’m ready to be done reading Leviticus.  I mean how does this apply to me?  I was going about my daily routine yesterday still thinking about all the rules when I said to myself, “Self, I’m glad Jesus came because I’m not sure I could get all the sacrifices straight.  He must have been some great sacrifice to take the place of all of those.” 
And then I understood.  That is why we have Leviticus.  It puts into perspective how great a sacrifice our Lord was.  All the rules  – the washing, the clothes, the eating, the burning, the ashes – Jesus took the place of all of that.  He was some great sacrifice.
Take some time today to go check out Leviticus.  It won’t take you long to understand completely what I am talking about.  
Oh, thank you Lord.  Thank you for being the greatest sacrifice the world has ever known.  I realize how unworthy I am of what you have done for me.  And that makes me ever the more thankful for your grace and mercy.  Help me to keep it in perspective.  Help me to not get so caught up in living that I forget that sacrifice that allows me to live.  I love you, Lord.  Use me, today for your glory.  Amen.

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