V is for Varsity – I mean Victory!

Feb 19

We interrupt this regularly scheduled devotion spot to bring you some chili dogs and onion rings. 

Faith’s birthday is tomorrow, and we celebrated a little early by going to the circus today.  To the children’s delight, we topped off the afternoon with some vittles at the Varsity.  If you are a native of the South, then you may know about the greasy deliciousness found only beyond the doors of the big “V” and the “What’ll ya have?” chanted to each guest as they arrive to place an order.  For you northerners (anyone not from the South falls into this category, by the way), get down here and get you some chili dogs!  Call me when you get here, and I’ll go with you.  I’m nice that way.  It’s the South after all. (No offense to you non-south folks – I’m sure you have your share of niceness, as well.)
As we sat waiting for Alan to bring us the food, Faith managed to smash her little fingers in between our booth and the booth backing up to us.  She had them in the crack, and when the people sitting behind us got up, their shift of weight caused the small space between the booths to become even smaller.  I did some quick scrambling to get her fingers out and smashed mine in the process.  
Before I could get her in my lap, a lady from two tables back ran up with some fresh ice in a little baggy for her fingers.  I thanked her profusely.  The family sitting at the finger squashing table was obviously with a large group.  Before I could blink twice, at least eight of them, one by one, came up and asked if Faith was okay and to apologize.  The last one asked if he could give her something to make her feel better and made her a rose with the paper napkin.  As this grinning man stood there twisting the brown paper napkin, I was speechless (for once) with this sweet family’s concern.  
I was pondering their goodwill when I saw it, and I knew.  Around his neck hung a cross.  He was representing Christ, my friends.  So, today someone was Christ to me, Faith, and three little squashed fingers.  Hallelujah and Amen!  It’s good to be loved by Jesus!  

O victory in Jesus,
My Savior, forever.
He sought me and bought me
With His redeeming blood;
He loved me ere I knew Him
And all my love is due Him,
He plunged me to victory,
Beneath the cleansing flood.

Victory in Jesus Words by E.M. Bartlett

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  • Amy Wyatt Feb 19 at 1:01 pm

    Ok… believe it or not, I haven’t been to the Varsity yet since moving to Ga over a year ago. That sounds like a trip we need to make together. Happy Birthday to Faith! ML can’t wait for the Princess party on Saturday. BTW… Greg is thrilled too… LOL.

  • kmom3 Feb 19 at 1:11 pm

    How tender our Savior is, that He even meets our needs at a hot dog restaraunt! (A delicious one, at that! We have stopped in there in our passings through Atlanta! Oh, the joy of a cheap chili dog!)
    Although I am sure you hated your sweetie got her fingers squished, how wonderful to be able to have her see Jesus loving on her! His love is amazing!

  • BethAnne Feb 19 at 2:45 pm

    Some Varsity onion rings and hot dog? $6
    Seeing Jesus in an Atlanta grease pit? priceless

    I love it! I could eat those onion rings until they come out my ears!!!! Love the varisty – and I love that man you met there!

  • DeAnna Feb 19 at 2:54 pm

    My kids LOVE the varsity! Me…ummm not so much. Let’s just say that grease doesn’t agree with me! It’s refreshing to know and witness that there really are other people besides yourself in this great big world of ours who care about others, isn’t it? Most of the time it is exactly the opposite.

  • Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) Feb 19 at 6:14 pm

    Okay, when you take Amy to the Varsity, I want to go! 🙂 It’s been 12 years since I was there.

    Happy birthday Faith!


  • Cheri Feb 19 at 8:01 pm

    It’s good to know that God is everywhere, isn’t it!?! 🙂

  • fAiThFuL cHiCk Feb 26 at 5:43 pm

    Gotta love that Varsity! It is YUMM-O! I was over that way two weeks ago and it took every bit of self-control not to stop 🙂

    Nice post.

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