Keep On Movin’

Jun 25
She Speaks is still speaking in my head, so I thought I’d share some thoughts with you.  Lysa spoke Friday night on “Developing the Character to Match My Calling.”  It was incredible.  Let me share with you one of the insights that really moved me.  
In 1 Samuel, we find the story of David.  God advises Samuel to find a new king.  He tells Samuel to seek him among Jesse’s sons.  Samuel goes to visit Jesse and asks to see all of his boys.  One by one, each of them are turned down by God.  “Nope, not that one.  Next!”  When all of the sons have been turned down, Samuel asks if Jesse has another.  “Yeah, just the little one, David.  I doubt he is the one.  He’s in the fields with the sheep.”  You can imagine Jesse must have said something similar.  Think about it.  If he really believed David had a chance, wouldn’t he have called him in to begin with?  But Samuel insists on seeing him.  As soon as David arrives, God informs Samuel to rise and anoint him as king.
So Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the presence of his brothers, and from that day on the Spirit of the LORD came upon David in power.  1 Samuel 16:13 NIV
After his anointing, do you think David slips into his new royal robes and dashes off to the palace?  Nope, think again.  Many years pass before David actually takes the throne.  So what does he do after his anointment that day?  He returned to the fields to tend his sheep.  
When I knew the Lord had called me to write, I was almost positive I need to call Zondervan and Thomas Nelson Publishers and let them know I was ready.  God called me and I was ready to publish those best-sellers they were waiting on.  Did I?  No.  Instead, I called my husband to tell him I was ready to sell the children to a band of traveling gypsies.  
Did my life change when God called me?  Yes.  But, I did the laundry anyway.  David returned to his fields to his sheep, and I returned to mine.  
I loved this statement Lysa made Friday.  “The tasks of everyday life are not keeping you from your ministry, they are preparing you for your ministry.”  So if Thomas Nelson needs his pants laundered or his shirts taken to the cleaners.  If he needs a book published on the “10 Ways to Get After Dinner Crumbs Off of the Floor,” then I’m his girl.  
But seriously, if David can hang out in the fields for a while and then go on to be one of the greatest kings in history, then I can, too.  Gotta go.  I need to tend to my sheep!
My new motto is going to be “Keep on Movin.”  Check out this inspiring video.

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