Have You Been Good?

Dec 10

“…and I want a car to go to the dollhouse you gave me last year.”  Faith recited what she wanted me to write in her Santa letter.  “What else would you like to tell Santa?” I asked.  She stood on one foot and crinkled her eyebrows.  “Would you like to ask about Mrs. Claus or tell him if you’ve been good?” I offered suggestions. 


From the den Alan chimed in, “Well, have you been good?”  Faith thought a moment before continuing.  “Well, tell him I got a letter from the tooth fairy that said I was good.”  I smiled remembering the letter from Faith’s first lost tooth.  I was truly amused Faith didn’t claim to be good.  She only stated what she had been told by the tooth fairy. 


She knew of too many arguments with her brother to honestly answer the question with the truth.  But if the tooth fairy said it, it must be true. 


We could all learn a lesson from Faith.  There are times in our lives we aren’t so sure about our own abilities.  And if someone were to ask us, “Can you do it? Can you write a best seller? Can you speak up and tell your story? Can you build it? Can you achieve it?  Can you withstand it?”  Our answer might be “No,” or “I don’t know.”  But God says we can do all things through Christ. 


You are not who you think you are.  You are who God thinks you are.


So, take a little pointer from Faith.  Next time someone asks, “Can you really do this?”  Reply with, “I got a letter from God that says I can.”  And believe it.  


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  • BethAnne Dec 10 at 2:13 pm

    I love this, Carol. Remember the old SNL skit where the guy looks into the mirror and says “positive affirmations” like I am good enough, I am smart and darn it, people like me”?

    Somedays I feel like I need to look in the mirror and repeat over and over “I am who God says I am not who the world says I am”……….

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