Why, Lord?

Jan 14


I glide down the highway, the taste of Diet Coke and potato chips lingering.  My thoughts are louder than the radio, so I turn the music off.  The darkness is a blanket, covering me.  As I reach across to adjust my seatbelt, the smell of hospital invades my senses.  I turn up my nose wishing I hadn’t used that last squirt of disinfectant foam.  The smell produces a feeling of desperation as I remember the room after room of sick children…

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  • The Stokes Family Jan 15 at 3:21 am

    We talked about this same subject . . . fairness . . . in CBS today. I struggle with this as well, but am holding on to Isaiah 55:8 and trusting in the fact that my Lord sees the whole picture! Great post . . .

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