Happily Ever After

Feb 10

I felt his presence before I felt his hand on my back.  I turned and looked up into the brown eyes of the one to whom I had just pledged my life.  My dress swished as I turned.  Around us four hundred guests bubbled with details. “Did you see the dress up close?”  “After six years, they finally tied the knot.”  “I hear they are leaving in a horse drawn carriage…

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  • Peggy Feb 11 at 7:22 am

    Blessings Carol…I'm bringing my comment from over at Internet Cafe to here…for you & the flock!

    Once more an excellent humorous incredible post that is so timely and with great marital insights!

    How wonderful to have a "happily ever after" marriage with such a fairy tale beginning! You bless me no matter what the topic!

    Your style & Biblical strengths always make just great points of how our walk must match our talk. You take the ordinary daily experience or in this case life event and apply God's Word so well. Thanks for the tips! Perhaps too late for me to make mine "happily ever after" but it certainly gives me the basic steps to share with someone else heading into this season of their fairy tale!

    Happy Valentine's Day
    CinderCarol & Prince Hatcher!

    I do read your emails but sometimes I just can't get over and leave a comment especially if I know that it's only started here and ended somewhere else…you are so popular now…all over the blogosphere! What a privilege it is to say I knew you when…you were just the shepherd of your own flock! Thanks for the visit! Is your book finished yet?

  • Julie Feb 12 at 3:56 am

    Carol, I left you a note at the cafe.

    This was an amazing post. I loved it…. well written.


  • So blessed! Feb 13 at 11:44 pm

    Lovely blog. Glad I found you! Will be stopping by now and then.

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