Just the Beginning

Dec 18

The car slowed in front of me with its blinker on, but quickly sped past after surveying the situation. One look, and I understood why. The armed guards blocking the road were enough to frighten even the innocent. But they didn’t scare me. Nothing could have kept me away that day.

I turned my vehicle towards the guards to explain my arrival. They let me pass only to be stopped by a second group of armed guards in menacing black uniforms. I glanced upward and saw eyes following me from the overhead tower. My eyebrows rose as I took in the amount of guns in that one parking lot. After I was directed to a parking spot, I searched for my drivers’ license and hopped out of the van. I couldn’t hide my smile…

This is just the beginning. No, really. It is just the beginning. Come back to hear the rest. It’s a true story. You won’t want to miss it!

(I know you hate it when I do that! Sorry. Haven’t you ever heard of a cliff hanger?)

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  • Gina Dec 18 at 1:16 pm

    So, instead of a cliff hanger, it's a Carol hanger!

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