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  • The Smell of Normal

    I walk in at her prompting; she’d called my name over and over like the non-stop hum of the a/c. “Mamamamamama.” My entrance stops her mid-stream,and she exchanges chatter for grins. Her little brown…

    Mar 7
  • Chicken Soup Makes Me Want to Sing

    Something was out of place. I reached across my daughter’s bed to make it and caught something out of the corner of my eye. A microphone. It was stretched from her CD player to…

    Oct 6
  • From Good to Great

    “Thank you Lord for the honor of coming before you to talk about whatever I want, whenever I want,” I prayed and my words trailed off. I sat, legs crossed, on my unmade bed…

    Sep 28
  • When the Storms Come

    Lightening streaked across the night sky, and I counted, waiting for the low rumble that follows. One, two, three… Ten seconds later. Divide by five. The storm was approximately two miles away. “Let’s go…

    May 31
  • Anticipation

    Anticipation. When did I lose it? She lies beside me on the bed and kicks her feet. Her brown-green eyes sparkle as I kiss her baby soft cheeks. I raise my hand high above…

    May 17