Mar 5

I woke up this morning with a need for worship.  I was dry, but I knew He would fill me.  Anxious fingers grasped my Bible, but I felt the call to worship with music.  As the first few notes played, my heart quickened and called out to Him.  I need you.  I took a deep shaky breath when I heard, I am here.  The music wooed me into worship.  My hands raised in complete abandon.  Oh, God, I love you. I reached high to touch His outstretched hand.  Tears fell as the overflow from my heart.  I am here, Lord.  Use me.  You are my everything.  My Savior. My Redeemer.  My Father. My Friend.


I am the I AM.  I paced the room looking for a spot to get closer.  A quick glance at the clouds out of one window sent me pacing to the next.  The sun was streaming in that one.  I could see the little particles of dust dancing in the light.  I stood in the rays.  He was there.  The wet trails on my cheeks warmed.  My heart was full.  I stood basking in His goodness and grace.  My heart sang the words.  My hands lifted them up.  The song drew to a close, but my heart, now full, stayed open. 

Here I am to worship.


Thank you Lord that worshiping you can be such an incredible experience.  Thank you for filling me.  Thank you for being the I AM.  Oh, Lord let me carry that heart of worship all day.  Walk with me today, Lord.  Amen.

Want to here the song I was listening to? Click HERE.

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  • Amy Wyatt Mar 5 at 5:31 pm

    I think God is trying to tell us something about music and worshipping Him… what do you think?

  • Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) Mar 5 at 7:56 pm

    I love that song. It moves me into worship every time I hear it. Sure wish it would pop up in choir tonight!!!!

  • Cheri Mar 5 at 8:05 pm

    I love to worship God with music and singing. Something about it just makes me…..overjoyed!! How great is our God. Sing with me… how great is our God.

  • kmom3 Mar 6 at 3:51 am

    So beautiful. So true. There is something just so special about putting on some music and fixing our eyes on Him!
    I need to remember the times when I feel dry to put on some worship music and let the praises flow! Thanks, Carol!

  • BethAnne Mar 6 at 1:22 pm

    This is beautful!!! Thank you !

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