You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’

Jul 23

One Sunday afternoon during college, a pile of us headed to Cracker Barrel after church.  There were so many of us, we couldn’t all sit at one table.  I sat at a table for four with my boyfriend, my roommate, and another friend.  The place was packed.  Everybody and their best friend’s cousin was having Sunday lunch at the Cracker Barrel.  We were waiting for our food to arrive when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I turned to see one of my man’s friends.  Four other guys crowded up behind him.  I should have known by the devilish grins that I was in trouble. 

I hear, “Excuse me, Miss.”  Then he turns to confer with the group behind him, “Has she lost it?”  They nod, “Yeah, she’s lost it.”  I realize that I am about relive a scene from the old movie Top Gun where the same scenario takes place.

Our friend croons, “You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips.  And there’s no tenderness like before in your fingertips.”  The do-wap guys start do-wapping.  “You’re trying hard not to show it,”  everyone joins in, “BABY.  But Baaaabyyy, believe me I know it.  You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’.  Whoa, that lovin’ feelin’.  You’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’, now it’s gone, gone, gone, whoooooooaaaaaoooo.”  Finger snapping starts and all of Cracker Barrel’s customers erupt with applause.  The guys were trying to embarrass me, but I don’t embarrass too easily.

 (If you have never seen this scene from Top Gun, be sure to watch the video at the bottom.)

When the guys made their way back to their own table, a little man sitting across from us said, “You’re going to have to choose one of them honey.”  I laughed.  I had already chosen.  My boyfriend later became my husband. 

But that memory still makes me smile.  Marriage, my friends, is hard work.  It is a choice to have a good marriage and a concerted effort to have a great one.  Have you lost that lovin’ feelin’?  On a sizzle-o-meter, where would you rate your marriage today? Marriages right and left are falling by the wayside – that includes Christian marriages.  Satan will rear his ugly head anywhere he can.  Don’t give him a spot in your marriage to do so.

I know sometimes I get so caught up in taking care of the kids, the house, and my writing I forget to take care of my spouse.  I think we’ll talk and spend time together at the end of the day.  But when the day’s end arrives, I have nothing left.   

Make some time today for your sweetie.  Ask what you can do for them today.  Don’t let them come home singing You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling.

I’m going to call my man right now and tell him – …well, wouldn’t you like to know? 


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