Wonder Woman

Oct 11

My obsession with Wonder Woman started with a birthday gift – Wonder Woman Underoos.  As a little girl, I put them on in my room and tried to spin as fast as I could.  I was confident I could turn into Wonder Woman if only I could spin fast enough…

Join me at the Cafe today!  Click HERE to read my devotion.


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  • Janet Roller Oct 11 at 3:22 pm

    Oh my goodness- what a great post. Faith looks adorable. I’m so glad someone gave you those Underoos!

  • Darlene Oct 11 at 8:42 pm

    Thanks for the sweet comment and for continuing to pray for us. We have been through several rough months. All the changes is not easy…Please continue to pray for us …especially my daughter. I believe that God will restore our family’s relationships.

    Pray for Joey…he is speaking at a church tomorrow and it has been awhile since he last spoke. He has been teaching Sunday school. Also for safe travels. I am a little nervous too.
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  • ocean mommy Oct 11 at 8:57 pm

    Faith looks great. 🙂

    What an awesome post. Took me back to my wonder woman days!!


  • much2ponder Oct 12 at 7:15 pm

    I really enjoyed this post…made me smile as I could relate so much to the wonder woman relationship. Warrior woman for God is what I call myself. Praise the Lord!

  • tonya Oct 13 at 2:28 am

    I loved this devotion! Last year, I spoke at a Ladies' Night Out about being a SUPERnatural Woman. It was one of my favorite topics ever! I had comic pictures of different superheroines for each of the ladies & we all left w/ super names…I am Triumphant Tonya. :o)

    By the way, I had WW Underoos, too! She was my favorite!!

  • Peggy Oct 13 at 5:38 pm

    Blessings Carol…I know this is long overdue, I've been trying to stay caught up and going back to previous comments to catch up & it's in need of a WONDER WOMAN! Loved your daughter's authentic look! So proud of you for posting with Internet Cafe & everywhere
    …that doors are opening! And the book?

    Great analogies between WW & our spiritual wonders in might, power, faith, transformation, belt of truth, and our armor of God! Good portrayal of Ephesians to WW's power in her underoos & spin. I can see you now! I knew you were WW! I'm so glad our real Superhero is Jesus!

    I thought you would understand, sorry I took advantage of our being friends. I'm down to a dozen or so from 40. Please forgive me. I'm doing my best even with a runny nose! I have bills to pay today
    to keep my ???service of cable going…they've been so great(yeah right)but I'd be lost without it!
    Not really but very bored & lonely!
    You think I'm addicted! Maybe I'm going through internet withdrawal for the days I've been without!

    Thanks for all your visits! At least some people leave me an encouraging word. Today on my meme,
    o comments though I have 8 linked.
    I'm so thankful for them! I love to see how people are serving their purpose…mission in their daily lives even if it's the internet blog! Have a great inspired week!
    I really do miss you & your humor!
    So I'll still be catching up…

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