Couple Skate

Jul 21

Seventh grade.  Billy Montgomery. Skate Night. 


Thursday morning, I poured each of these details into my English class journal.  My mom finally agreed to let me go to skate night.  Wednesday night was church night, but after much pleading, cajoling, begging, sweet-talking, and tears, my mother agreed to freedom on four wheels.  I got to go.  Waiting in the entrance line, I tried to keep my goofy grin in check.  I wanted to seem natural.  Cool.  Aloof.  But the sweet sounds of Starship poured out the door.  “We built this city on rock and roll…”


As I tied on my skates, girlfriends popped here and there whispering and giggling about some “he” or “him.”  I stepped in the rink confident.  I was sporting Guess jeans and a Coca-cola rugby shirt.  After a few times around picking up friends with each pass, I eased into the feel of the skates and tried a few of my fancy feet moves.  I glided each foot into a crossover as I turned the corners of the oval rink.  Only the more experienced skaters even attempted the crossover.  My feet and head bopped with the tunes.


And then they slowed.  Couple skate. Now there were obvious couple skaters – the guys and chicks that had been together since fifth grade.  Those were the ones whose names went together.  Like Jason-n-Monica.  You couldn’t say one name without the other.  “Did you invite Jason-n-Monica to your party?”  or “I wonder what Jason-n-Monica think about the new Trapper Keepers.”  


The other givens for couple skating were the current pairs who were “going together.”  You remember, “Will you go with me?  Check yes, no, or maybe.”  Then there were the surprise skaters.  The ones you never thought you’d see holding hands sharing an intimate moment over a little REO Speedwagon.  Insert Billy Montgomery. 


Billy was my friend.  I liked him.  We had been in the same class for years.  But I never dreamed of couple skating with Billy.  Until that night.  What Billy offered was not just a hand to hold.  He offered power and prestige.  You see, there was power in gliding along hands clasped in front of the entire seventh-grade body.  It meant you were wanted.  People would look at you different at the water fountain the next day.  Forever more, there would be something about you just a little out of the ordinary.  And people would be drawn to you. 


Billy offered me that power and prestige.  As did God.  He asked me to couple skate, as well.  God knows all the cool moves.  He can definitely do the crossover.  When I paired up with God, everyone knew I was wanted.  People looked at me different in the Wal-mart line.  Forever more, there is something about me just a little out of the ordinary.  And people are drawn to me…because of Him.  With Him I am stronger.  I watch every step He takes and follow along beside Him because we are a pair.  Him and me.  It’s a couple skate.


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  • BethAnne Jul 21 at 11:46 am

    You are hilarious. Oh to be in 5th grade again at Skate Fun skating to Olivia Newton John and “I Cant Fight This Feeling Anymore”…..those were the days.

  • Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? Jul 21 at 12:10 pm

    Very sweet. I couldn’t help but place myself mentally in time and at the rink during this kind of scenario. I was scared to death that someone WOULD want to skate with me. Terrified, hoping against hope no one would. Can’t go into psychoanalysis here, but fear was behind that on many levels. I wonder how many times fear of different kinds keep people away from God? Love the part about God being able to do the Cross-over!

  • Darlene Jul 21 at 12:18 pm

    I love this story and how you relate it to the most important couple of all. JESUS! It does bring back so many memories.

    Hava a fabulous day!

  • Janet Roller Jul 21 at 1:08 pm

    Carol, you kill me! Only you can take Coca-Cola shirts, cross-over moves and Trapper Keepers into sommething spiritual. I LOVE this post. Meet me in the middle under the disco ball!

  • ocean mommy Jul 21 at 4:05 pm

    Trapper Keepers and a Coca-Cola Rugby…that takes me back! 😉

    This was a great picture of life with Jesus…


  • Mary Lou Jul 21 at 4:18 pm

    It blessed my heart the way you compared skating as a couple with skating with Jesus..could just picture myself going around the rink with Him. That would be one sure way that I wouldn’t fall, ha, ha…He does keep us upright does He not, and oh how we can hold tightly to His hand in all of the cross overs of life and know that He’s got it all under control. Blessings…

  • Amy Wyatt Jul 21 at 7:07 pm

    Ahhh… This brought back too many memories. I can just hear Caribbean Queen and Sugar Sugar now 🙂

  • Carmen Jul 21 at 8:44 pm

    aaaaah, memories! I am sho’nuf thankful that HE asked me to dance!

  • Laurie Ann Jul 21 at 9:25 pm

    Memories…….oh my goodness! Great transition into “skating with God”.

  • Kimberly Jul 22 at 2:35 am

    Sigh. I never mastered the crossover. I sit in awe of you, Carol. 🙂

  • Sarah Jul 22 at 3:54 pm

    My very favorite line is, “I wonder what Jason-n-Monica think about the new Trapper Keepers.” PRICELESS! You just brought back a ton of great memories for me!

  • Christina Jul 22 at 6:11 pm

    Great picture. I used to love to roller skate. We don’t have a roller rink in Hawaii so now we have to ice skate. When I am there I pretend it’s winter and drink hot cocoa. If you were a reader of my blog about a year ago I broke my arm at the ice rink. At the Er people kept asking what I was doing ice skating in Hawaii, Ha Ha funny guys.

  • Gail W. Jul 23 at 12:05 pm

    Holy cow! I am riding home on the bus, asking Carter Houchens if he might ever like me. Picture the flat-chested girl whose mother never lets her shop at Miller & Rhoades. Carter's response, "It's possible, but not probable." How’s that for truth tempered by a dash of mercy? Thanks for the reminder that Jesus has always been there with a resounding, "I adore you already!"

  • Xandra@Heart-of-Service Aug 6 at 12:15 am

    This was a total blast from the past….the crossover! LOL!

    The music, the feelings…you really hit it on the head!


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