A Good Reflection

Sep 26

Are you an earnest humanitarian or reformer? That’s Merriam Webster’s definition of a “do-gooder.” Another description is a person who reaches out to the needs of others in an attempt to create change. Wouldn’t it be nice if this described more Americans?

Join me today as I post with the Presidential Prayer Team.Click HERE to read the rest of my devotion. (*Remember this is only a direct link today, September 26. After today, you’ll have to select today’s date from the drop-down menu.)

As our nation’s next leader is being considered, now is the time to pray for our country and those who lead it. Sign up today to receive daily emails of encouragement from the Presidential Prayer Team. Check out their site for details. While you are visiting the PPT, click around on their site. I think you’ll enjoy some of the articles and prayer tools you’ll find.

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