Satisfied with Partial Success

Aug 20


It’s my cakes.

While I always try to make super creative, jaw-dropping, Martha Stewart-ish cakes, they always turn out looking a little homemade. I’ve taken a cake class. I know the tricks of the trade, so why don’t I have super smooth icing and perfectly peaked decorations? (Need I remind you of the Slug Cake?)

Can I be honest? I’m usually so focused on getting it done, I’m happy with good enough. My kids are usually impressed, so what does it really matter? Right?

Want to know how this relates to my spiritual life? Click HERE to read the rest of the devotion today at the Internet Cafe.

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  • Kimberly Aug 21 at 10:30 pm

    Good, good stuff! I know for sure there have been times I have settled for “good enough” in many areas of my life. But is that really the kind of life I want to live for the Lord? He has been speaking to my heart this week on when it is too soon to quit, which ties in with what you have written about. Thanks for this reminder to not cheat myself out of the abundance God wants to bless my life with if only I will press on and fully obey.

    Oh…and here’s a little cake story for you. (Laughed out loud about the slug cake!) I made Monsters, Inc. cupcakes for Katie this year for her b-day, but I put in too much food coloring causing the icing to be too thin. We woke up the next morning to find Mike W.’s eyes sliding right off! A little disturbing. For sure. 😉 Love ya’!

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